September 10, 2020

Wafa Ali Aludaini from Gaza, Palestine

On this episode, Miko spoke with Wafa Ali Aludaina, a Gaza-based Palestinian journalist, manager of the foreign media unit at The Althorayya Institution for Media, a youth group organizer, manager of the October 16th Group in Palestine, and founder of the Palestinian Eve Network, and an activist for Palestine. Wafa is also a mother of three children and lives in Gaza, Palestine, which has been the target of an aggressive, terrifying military assault on alleged military targets in Gaza, targets which have been easily debunked by independent journalists working on the ground. This daily assault which includes navy, tank, artillery, and air strikes has killed and injured the population as well as destroyed key city resources like a power plant - this has made life for Gazans even more precarious and dire - a coastal strip of 2 million residents who have been under an illegal and brutal blockade since at least 2007. 


In this conversation, Miko spoke with Wafa direct from Gaza to discuss the latest string of military violence in Gaza, the facts on the ground as it pertains to these supposed military targets that Israel keeps referencing, the truth about the incendiary balloons which Israel seems so threatened by, as well as what raising a family is like under such conditions including collective trauma experienced by Gazan youth and their families. 

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Music credits:

Sabaya Al Intifada - “Jabal Al Zaytoun”
Maurice Louca, “Al- 'Asr Adh-Dhahabi (The Golden Age)”


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