Recently Biden visited Israel and said he's proud to be a Zionist. He also visited Saudi Arabia. And yet both countries recently killed prominent journalists: Shireen Abu Akleh and Jamal Khashoggi.  Why would he visit these countries? Who actually benefits from these visits?
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“If you do not stop, I will submit your name to the Shin Bet. Once you are marked there, your whole life is under their surveillance.” This is the threat that Jewish-Israeli Mayor Yair Revivo hurled at Palestinian councilwoman Fida Shehada after she highlighted how their city neglects its Palestinian residents. Now, she is running an election campaign, challenging to unseat the mayor in the mixed Jewish-Palestinian city of Lyd (or "Lod" in Hebrew) in the upcoming mayoral elections.

Here is Miko Peled's interview with Fida Shehade, who is a central figure in the Palestinian struggle against systematic racism in Lyd, a city located exactly between Jaffa and Jerusalem. During Israel's establishment in 1948, Israeli militia forcibly expelled the majority of the city's Palestinian residents in an event now known as the Lydda Death March. The Palestinians who now live there, holding Israeli citizenship as effective second-class citizens, face severe systematic racism, including frequent home demolitions and advancing Israeli settler organizations.

In this interview, Miko and councilwoman Shehade discuss the bleak realities of the racism in Lyd, connecting the situation of the Palestinian citizens of Israel in this city with the larger Palestinian struggle against oppression. They discuss her work to fight for local Palestinian rights and running for the upcoming elections, and the significance of the movement of those Israelis who were pulled out of Gaza close to two decades ago and have now set their eyes on Lyd.

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"We try to imagine what could have been here. How this country could have been, how the society could have been, if it wasn't for the terrible crime of ethnic cleansing."

Zochrot means "remembrance" in Hebrew, taking the grammatical feminine form. As a non-profit organization, Zochrot takes on the Zionist account of history from within Israeli society itself. They tackle the Zionist narrative by shedding light on the catastrophe (Nakba) that took place during Israel's establishment in 1948 when 700,000 Palestinians were forcefully expelled from their homes, never to return.

This interview with the organization's Israeli Director, Rachel Beitarie, explores her own motivation for joining and leading Zochrot, and the importance of presenting uncomfortable truths to Israeli society. This is a discussion between two Israelis about listening to the pain of Palestinians and how Israelis must learn "to take responsibility for your part in the dispossession of others."

This interview with Miko Peled and Rachel Beitarie covers the importance of oral histories, facing that you grew up with a false nationalist narrative, promoting the return of the Palestinian refugees, and sharing a story of hatred and hummus in Beijing.

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Running for elections as a second class citizen! Though many would ignorantly call her an "Israeli Arab," Haneen Zoabi is a Palestinian patriot. She does not simply represent a political opposition—she is part of a native people excluded by the Israeli system and fighting for equal rights.

Haneen Zoabi's journey into politics began at home. Her first awareness of justice and injustice came from observing, and questioning, the traditional gender roles in her home and in society. As the first Palestinian woman elected to the Knesset she made her mark!

In this episode, Haneen Zoabi and Miko Peled discuss her journey into intersectional politics, her participation in the Mavi Marmara floatilla to Gaza where Israel killed 9 activists, and the results of the recent Israeli elections. Hear from her directly what it means to operate inside an oppressive and racist system that you wish to see peacefully dismantled.

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A theater student from a Palestinian village without electricity, Mohammad Bakri became a renowned actor and film director. He has stirred controversy in Israel with his movie Jenin, Jenin—a documentary about the Israeli invasion of the refugee camp in Jenin as told entirely from the Palestinian residents themselves.

In 2002, Israeli military prevented journalists and human rights organizations from entering Jenin. Rumors of a massacre began to surface. Mohammad Bakri himself sneaked into the camp to ask the question, "What happened?"

In this interview, Miko Peled talks with Mohammad Bakri about his first introduction to theater and film in his village and being a young Palestinian theater student in the foreign world of Tel Aviv. They discuss his success as an actor with an Israeli audience and his maturing into someone ready to tell his own story.

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Author and activist, Miko Peled, hosts a live event with Palestinian film and theater actor, Saleh Bakri and Israeli actor and playwright, Guy Elhanan to discuss theatre in Palestine and Israel, censorship of the arts, inequity in funding, as well as their individual careers.

This event was held live via Zoom on Friday, January 29, 2021 @ 1 PM ET • 8 PM Palestine

Guest Panel:

Guy Elhanan wrote his PhD on bilingual and arabic #theatre practices and teaching possibilities. He is a #playwright, director, actor and lecturer who specializes in multicultural and interdisciplinary stage work, including music, mime and puppetry. Some of his work includes Mars at Sunrise, The Time that Remains, The Attack, and others.

Saleh Bakri is a #Palestinian #film and #theater actor. He began his career in the theater. His work includes Death and the Maiden, Salt of this Sea, When I Saw You, The Time that Remains, Wajib, and others.

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Author and activist, Miko Peled, hosts three brilliant cartoonists who have directed their art at highlighting the spirit of #Palestinian resistance in the face of a brutal Israeli regime. This event featured Sara Qaed, Mohammad Sabaaneh, and Carlos Latuff discussing the power of cartoons, Palestine’s rich history of the arts, and how each artist approaches their work.

This event was held via Zoom on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

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Miko Peled is an author, writer, speaker, and human rights activist living in the United States. He is considered by many to be one of the clearest voices calling for justice in Palestine, support of the Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) and the creation of a single democracy with equal rights in all of historic Palestine. He is the author of the book, “The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine” and “Injustice: The Story of the Holy Land Foundation Five”.

Author and activist, Miko Peled, hosts a discussion with longtime friend and Australian activist, Robert Martin. From Palestine to Maradona: no topic will go untouched and no stone left unturned. Robert Martin is an Australian activist who lives in Melbourne.

Robert was drawn to Palestine at the commencement of Israel’s Gaza attack. Robert began to investigate what actually was happening in Palestine and couldn’t believe what he was reading. He knew he couldn’t rely on mainstream media for the truth so he decided to see for himself.

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Drop the charges against human rights defender, Issa Amro. We call on you to offer international protection for Issa and all other Palestinian human rights defenders prosecuted in the Israeli military court system.

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Internationally renowned human rights defender, Issa Amro, has been leading nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience campaigns against Israel. Issa is best known for calling attention to and resisting the vicious settler communities in #Hebron who regularly torment #Palestinians with total impunity.

Over the past decade, Israeli occupation forces have targeted Issa and fabricated 18 legal charges against him in what is a blatant campaign to disrupt his human rights work. The military judge presiding over these charges is a settler himself, with strong ties to Hebron’s settler community. Any day now, Issa’s fate will be decided by a court that convicts Palestinians at an astonishingly high rate.

Miko speaks directly with Issa about the political persecution he has faced, the charges that have been trumped up against him, and the invaluable work that is being done by his grassroots group, Youth Against #Settlements.

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The Prospect for Change in Palestine in 2021

Author and activist, Miko Peled, hosts a discussion about Palestinian-led #activism in 2021 with three tireless organizers, each representing a distinct region of Palestine: #AlNaqab desert, the #WestBank, and #Jerusalem. The four will discuss the prospect for change in the upcoming year as the role of grassroots activism and popular movement building becomes one of the few vehicles for enacting material change on the ground for #Palestinian civil society.

In this discussion, Miko Peled highlights the incredible work of three Palestinian activists, journalists, and organizers: Rafat Abu Aish from Al-Naqab, Baha Hilo from Bethlehem, and Khaled Farrag from Jerusalem. Each is working to build a movement for material change in their individual communities through a diversity of tactics and organizing structures.

As 2021 approaches and the official leadership among Palestine sits idly by or even worse, collaborates with Israeli security forces, the strength and popular support behind grassroots Palestinian activism becomes all the more critical. We will check in with all three of these remarkable men to learn about their respective projects, how they all tie together to clear the path for a free Palestine, and the greater prospect for change in 2021.

This event was held on Friday, December 11, 2020 @ 1 PM ET • 8 PM PALESTINE

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