The status and fate of the over seven million Palestinian refugees, scattered throughout the world today as a result of Israel’s creation in 1948, persists as one of the most politically contested refugee crises of our time. What rights do these refugees currently hold? What challenges and opportunities does international law present to the plight of Palestinian refugees? Can the right of return for Palestinians to return to their ancestral homeland be actualized and how do we envision the return given the fraught political forces at play in both Israel and international governing bodies?

In this webinar, author and activist, Miko Peled invites the authors of the new book, Palestinian Refugees in International Law, Francesca P. Albanese and Lex Takkenberg, to share their research while providing a comprehensive analysis of the Palestinian refugee question in light of various areas of international law. The panel is rounded out by facilitator and activist, Umar al-Ghubari of Zochrot, an Israeli NGO working towards the reconceptualization of the return. The panel will provide a foundation in understanding the rights of Palestinian refugees as protected by international law, examine the role of Israel and the international community within this context, and envision what return could look like.

Guest Panel:

  • Francesca P. Albanese: Research Affiliate for the Study of International Migration (ISIM), Georgetown University and Visiting Scholar, at the Issam Fares Institute for Public Studies Policies and International Affairs, American University of Beirut.
  • Dr. Lex Takkenberg: Worked with UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, from 1989 until late 2019 and is currently a freelance lecturer and consultant. He is the former Chief of the UNRWA Ethics Office.
  • Umar al-Ghubari: A professional group facilitator, specializing in the Arab-Jewish conflict. He is also a coordinator in the Karev educational program. Umar works for Zochrot, an NGO that formed in 2002 to promote acknowledgement and accountability for the ongoing injustices of the Nakba and the reconceptualization of the Return as the imperative redress of the Nakba.

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In September 2018, the UK #Labour Party adopted a controversial guideline on antisemitism issued by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA). This definition folds in criticism of Israel’s treatment of #Palestinians into the definition, establishing a powerful apparatus of censorship which would massively punish #Palestinian rights advocates. Pro-Israel groups along with the UK’s neo-liberal establishment worked tirelessly to tarnish the character of Jeremy #Corbyn (Labour Party leader), Chris Williamson (Labour MP), and several other members of Labour. This sophisticated disinformation and smear campaign has culminated in Corbyn’s recent and shocking ousting from UK Labour in late October of 2020. Miko Peled hosts a roundtable discussion with Chris Williamson (Former Labour Party MP), Asa Winstanley (Journalist), and Tony Greenstein (Activist, Author) who will analyze the events and forces that led to Corbyn’s fall at the hands of pro-Israels special interest groups. Chris Williamson, Asa Winstanley, and Tony Greenstein all faced pressure and/or oustings from their respective roles within the UK Labour Party over similar smears of “antisemitism”.

In this online event, we will hear from each of these esteemed UK journalists, politicians and activists who have been directly affected by and witnessed this vast smear campaign and political suppression on the ground level.

Guest Panel:

  • Chris Williamson: Former Labour MP for Derby North, City Council Leader, Activist
  • Asa Winstanley: Journalist, Associate Editor @ The Electronic Intifada
  • Tony Greenstein: Activist, Founding member of Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods, author of “A History of Fighting Fascism in Brighton”

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Author and activist, Miko Peled, for an online event featuring two #Palestinian citizens of #Israel, Maisam Jaljuli and Hind Hajar Salman, who are organizing and fighting for justice in their respective communities amidst the political realities in Israel. Palestinian citizens of Israel like Masiam and Hind live, at best, as second-class citizens. Since the #Nakba, Israel has sustained massive divisions between Palestinian and Jewish citizens as it pertains to land access, erasure of Palestinian history and identity, participation in the electoral process, and cultural alienation among a dominant Jewish population.

This event was held on Wednesday, September 28, 2020 at 9 AM (PT) • 12 PM (ET)

Guest Panel:

Maisam Jaljuli is a social, feminist and political activist, chairperson of the women’s organization, Na’amat, chair of the Hadash political faction, co-chair of Sikkuy: Association for Advancing Civic Equality boards of the Histadrut Labor Federation, Itach – Ma’aki: Women’s Lawyers for Social Justice, and a member of the leadership of Standing Together, a Jewish Arab movement that mobilize people for equality social justice and peace.

Hind Hajar Salman is the Administrative Assistant with Bedouins Without Borders, Coordinator of the Women’s Center, Member of Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). Watch all of Miko Peled's webinars at Subscribe to "The Miko Peled Podcast" on all major podcast applications.

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Recently, U.S. prosecutors indicted #WikiLeaks founder, #JulianAssange on seventeen #espionage charges stemming from the disclosure of atrocities committed by the U.S. armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. With global consequences directly affecting the freedom of the press, #Assange stands to be extradited from the UK to trial to the U.S. under the Espionage Act.

In this upcoming online event, author and activist, Miko Peled, speaks with three prominent activists who have persistently advocated for Assange’s release and freedom.

Roger Waters – Cofounder of Pink Floyd, Songwriter & Musician, Activist
John Pilger – Journalist, Documentary Filmmaker
Ray McGovern – Ex-CIA Presidential Briefer, Writer, Activist
Miko Peled -- Author, Speaker, Human Rights Activist

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On this episode, Miko speaks with Awad Abdelfattah, an organizer that he met during his regular trips to Palestine (once upon a time) to meet with activists and organizers for #Palestinian liberation. Awad is a figure in Palestinian activism who truly deserves more attention and eyes on their work. He is a Palestinian political writer and the former general secretary of the #Balad party. He is also the coordinator of the Haifa-based One Democratic State Campaign, established in late 2017. 

In this conversation, Miko spoke with Awad about the unique plight of #1948 Palestinians in the face of the decades old settler colonial project that is Israel. Awad really goes into fascinating detail about how 48 Palestinians organized themselves from #AlNakba into 67 and even beyond Oslo, touching on the various political factions and parties that emerged, as the situation on the ground evolved. This discussion really gives us a rare view into Palestine liberation activism from a historical context leading all the way up to today, as calls for a single democratic state become increasingly accepted among organizers and Palestinian society, all channeled of course through the lens of those Palestinians who remained in 1948 Palestine and became defacto citizens of #Israel. 

Awad’s column at Middle East Eye

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With the looming election, Americans will be faced with the choice of re-electing #DonaldTrump to the Presidency or electing #JoeBiden to office. While the majority of the center and center-left wing of the American political spectrum could not stomach four more years of a Trump presidency, there is a split among progressives on the question of supporting the Biden/Harris ticket with their votes, advocacy, and campaigning.

Author and speaker, #MikoPeled, leads a discussion with the question, “Should Progressives Support the Biden/Harris Ticket?”, along with a panel of four young progressives who are involved in grassroots and political organizing. With two of the panelists leaning towards voting for Biden and the other two choosing not to cast a vote for him, we hope to gain a sampling of where young progressives might stand come November and the nuances in their decision making.

This webinar was held live on September 23, 2020 @ 11 AM (PT) • 2 PM (EST)

Guest Panel:

Jasmine Collins, Syracuse
Eitan Peled, San Diego
Yara Akkeh, Boston
Annelise Friedman, Las Vegas

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Taken from a webinar event hosted by Miko. This is a discussion with alternative media journalists, Mnar Muhawesh Adley (MintPress News), Rania Khalek (Unauthorized Disclosure), and Anya Parampil (The Grayzone). These are some of the sharpest, accomplished and uncompromising journalists working today. These are three individuals who have helped build principled and dependable media organizations while contributing to the canon of accurate reporting on Israel and Palestine.

The discussion contextualizes alternative media’s battle against hasbara in the digital landscape, and analyze if the scales are beginning to tip in Palestine’s favor in the war of information. 

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On this episode, Miko spoke with Wafa Ali Aludaina, a Gaza-based Palestinian journalist, manager of the foreign media unit at The Althorayya Institution for Media, a youth group organizer, manager of the October 16th Group in Palestine, and founder of the Palestinian Eve Network, and an activist for Palestine. Wafa is also a mother of three children and lives in Gaza, Palestine, which has been the target of an aggressive, terrifying military assault on alleged military targets in Gaza, targets which have been easily debunked by independent journalists working on the ground. This daily assault which includes navy, tank, artillery, and air strikes has killed and injured the population as well as destroyed key city resources like a power plant - this has made life for Gazans even more precarious and dire - a coastal strip of 2 million residents who have been under an illegal and brutal blockade since at least 2007. 


In this conversation, Miko spoke with Wafa direct from Gaza to discuss the latest string of military violence in Gaza, the facts on the ground as it pertains to these supposed military targets that Israel keeps referencing, the truth about the incendiary balloons which Israel seems so threatened by, as well as what raising a family is like under such conditions including collective trauma experienced by Gazan youth and their families. 

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Sabaya Al Intifada - “Jabal Al Zaytoun”
Maurice Louca, “Al- 'Asr Adh-Dhahabi (The Golden Age)”


Author and activist, Susan Abulhawa was born to refugees of the Six Day War of 1967, when her family's land was seized and Israel captured what remained of Palestine, including Jerusalem. She moved to the USA as a teenager, graduated in biomedical science and established a career in medical science. In July 2001, Susan Abulhawa founded Playgrounds for Palestine, a children's organisation dedicated to upholding The Right to Play for Palestinian children.

Her much loved books include "Mornings in Jenin", a book of poetry titled "My Voice Sought the Wind", "The Blue Between Sky and Water", and her highly anticipated upcoming work, "Against The Loveless World". Susan is also a signatory to and active participant in the BDS campaign, which calls for an economic and cultural boycott of Israel.

In this interview, the two discuss Susan’s latest book, the inescapable politicization of Palestinian art, the cultural boycott of Israel and a lot more.

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Gaza has a storied history of resistance, culture, and complexities. The besieged Gaza Strip and the fate of it’s resilient population are critical to the greater demand for Palestinian freedom and justice. To unpack how life in Gaza came to be, how it’s people survive and thrive in 2020 under a brutal blockade, and what might lay ahead for Gazans, author and activist, Miko Peled, has invited two spectacular Gazan writers and activists to provide their truth telling and expert analysis.

This webinar was held on July 28, 2020 via Zoom.

Panel Biographies:

Wafaa Ali Aludaini is a Gaza-based Palestinian journalist, manager of The Althorayya Institution for Media, youth group organizer, founder of the Palestiian Eve Network, and an activist for Palestine.

Ahmed Abu Artema is a Gaza-based Palestinian writer and peace activist, author of “Organized Chaos”, and organizer of The Great March of Return. 

Hosted by Miko Peled, Israeli-American Author & Human Rights Activist


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