July 12, 2021

Remembrance and Resistance: Interview with Director Rachel Beitarie of Zochrot

"We try to imagine what could have been here. How this country could have been, how the society could have been, if it wasn't for the terrible crime of ethnic cleansing."

Zochrot means "remembrance" in Hebrew, taking the grammatical feminine form. As a non-profit organization, Zochrot takes on the Zionist account of history from within Israeli society itself. They tackle the Zionist narrative by shedding light on the catastrophe (Nakba) that took place during Israel's establishment in 1948 when 700,000 Palestinians were forcefully expelled from their homes, never to return.

This interview with the organization's Israeli Director, Rachel Beitarie, explores her own motivation for joining and leading Zochrot, and the importance of presenting uncomfortable truths to Israeli society. This is a discussion between two Israelis about listening to the pain of Palestinians and how Israelis must learn "to take responsibility for your part in the dispossession of others."

This interview with Miko Peled and Rachel Beitarie covers the importance of oral histories, facing that you grew up with a false nationalist narrative, promoting the return of the Palestinian refugees, and sharing a story of hatred and hummus in Beijing.

This is the shortened podcast. The full video interview is available to Premium Patron subscribers on patreon.com/mikopeled

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