June 10, 2020

Rabbi Ahron Cohen (Neturei Karta ) from Manchester, UK

Miko recently had a chat with the esteemed Rabbi Ahron Cohen, a spokesperson for Neturei Karta in the United Kingdom. Neturei Karta is a religious group of Haredi Jews who formed in 1938 and then split off from the dominant Agudas Yisrael political party. Neturei Karta were one of the very few religious Jewish groups in Israel who opposed Zionism and still call for a "peaceful dismantling" of Israel, a nation state they believe is a rebellion against God.

Miko discusses the Rabbi’s youth and what led him to Neturei Karta, Zionism’s relationship with religious Judaism, and how the Neturei Karta advocate for Palestinian human rights and justice.

Music credits:

<br>Sabaya Al Intifada - “Jabal Al Zaytoun”</br>




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