October 13, 2020

Awad Abdelfattah from Kaukab Abu Al-Hija, Palestine

On this episode, Miko speaks with Awad Abdelfattah, an organizer that he met during his regular trips to Palestine (once upon a time) to meet with activists and organizers for #Palestinian liberation. Awad is a figure in Palestinian activism who truly deserves more attention and eyes on their work. He is a Palestinian political writer and the former general secretary of the #Balad party. He is also the coordinator of the Haifa-based One Democratic State Campaign, established in late 2017. 

In this conversation, Miko spoke with Awad about the unique plight of #1948 Palestinians in the face of the decades old settler colonial project that is Israel. Awad really goes into fascinating detail about how 48 Palestinians organized themselves from #AlNakba into 67 and even beyond Oslo, touching on the various political factions and parties that emerged, as the situation on the ground evolved. This discussion really gives us a rare view into Palestine liberation activism from a historical context leading all the way up to today, as calls for a single democratic state become increasingly accepted among organizers and Palestinian society, all channeled of course through the lens of those Palestinians who remained in 1948 Palestine and became defacto citizens of #Israel. 

Awad’s column at Middle East Eye 


Music credits:

Sabaya Al Intifada - “Jabal Al Zaytoun”

Maurice Louca, “Al- 'Asr Adh-Dhahabi (The Golden Age)”

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